Because We Care

TrailBlazer Pet Supply, Chico’s best pet supply store, specializes in natural and complementary pet care for many common problems such as allergies, separation anxiety, arthritis, fleas etc., including nutritional & herbal supplements. We believe that nutrition provides the foundation of health, which is why we chose to carry premium quality pet foods. TrailBlazer Pet Supply also offers a wide selection of collars and leashes, a variety of walking tools, outdoor gear for your dog as well as a wide assortment of tough toys for the most intense chewers.


We understand the paramount importance of also nurturing our pets’ mental health. That’s why we offer an array of backpacking gear and puzzle toys to keep them mentally stimulated and active. By engaging their minds through interactive play and exploration, we strive to enhance their overall health and promote a fulfilling and happy life for our beloved furry companions.


Meet Erik

In 2009 Erik Gledhill opened TrailBlazer Pet Supply hoping to offer pet owners, like himself, a place where they could get the help and resources they needed to care for their pets in healthy and holistic ways that encompassed both the emotional and nutritional support of a pet. Helping pet owners to navigate the ever changing pet food industry has become Erik’s specialty, which has fostered a community of not only healthy pets but happy ones as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats. We provide ongoing support to our clients by offering great customer service and the best products available.

Our Values

TrailBlazer strives to prioritze the well-being of pets and their owners, while also prioritizing quality and community.

Join Our Team

We foster a fun working atmosphere, where customer service is our top priority.  As a growing company we are constantly adding in new positions.  Please bring in a cover letter and resume to either of our locations.